About Matthew Morningstar

Maestro Matthew, a master shaman, is a facilitator of healing, awareness and spiritual growth.  He speaks the (vibrational) language of the heart.  Often, when people hear him speak they say, “I did not understand what you were saying but at the same time I felt I knew what you were saying.”   Some feel moved to tears by the familiarity of his words.  This confirms that they have received a spiritual ‘heart transmission’; for Matthew is all about the heart.  His words and songs are a direct transmission from his heart to yours.
In 2008, Matthew awakened to many spiritual gifts at the time of a profound spiritual emergence. After this he left a thriving clinical psychology practice in Australia to follow his spiritual calling across the world.  He has been called to the Peruvian Amazon many times where his Shipibo friends call him an International Maestro and recognize that he has "The Medicine" (Spirit of plant known as Ayahuasca) in him.  Maestros in the Shipibo tradition actively build relationships with the Spirits of Plants that they know to be healers and teachers. The Maestro’s songs (Icaros) are integral in their healing practices and when the Maestro sings ‘The Medicine’ dances in you, healing body, mind, emotion and spirit.
Matthew is blessed with the gift of song and he sings Icaros that heal and teach.   The Icaros are a known bridge to the Spirit World and a pathway to receiving healing and teachings with the assistance of the Spirit of the teacher plants.  The Maestro is your guide in the realm of spirit and the Icaros lead you on your journey. Matthew has been asked to share the Icaros in countries around our world for the benefit of those who cannot travel to the Amazon. 
There are many many things that Matthew can ‘do’ and he is happy to share his many spiritual gifts with you to help with your questions and to facilitate healing.  Matthew gives spiritual blessings in the language of the heart and sings Icaros for individuals and for large groups. He provides intuitive spiritual guidance for those who seek it.   Because he is both Shaman and Psychologist he is uniquely gifted, skilled and qualified to guide and assist you on every level.
In this moment everything is possible and we have all the time in the world!


 Private Sessions With Matthew

There are many different reasons why people consult with Matthew but no matter where you are in the world you can arrange a private session by appoinment

What To Anticipate During Your Session
Each session is unique to the individual needs of the person having the session.  If you seek intuitve guidance then that will be the information that you need to know at that direct point in time to help you to progress. It is helpful to begin with specific topic questions, however, sessions tend to take on a life of their own.  Healing can also take many forms but is always perfect and respectul and provides what you need in that moment to help you progress.

What you can learn during a Session
Awaken your conscious ability to allow you to be better in-tune with your life’s plan.
Become aware of paths you may not have considered.
Recieve messages from spirit, guides, nature.
Gain insight into your special gifts, talents, and abilities.
Increase your awareness about what’s happening in the present, and what you can do to create a better quality of life.
Better understand how the feeling of fear keeps you from knowing your own truth.
Become the master of your own emotions especially fear and clear obstacles in your path.
In person or distant healing ceremony with Icaros of the Amazon healing tradition.

Scheduling a Session
Personal sessions are by appointment either in person at our Evanston location or by phone, skpe or other internet based media.

Please contact Matthew by email (shamansroad@gmail.com) or using the contact form on this website and he will answer you by telephone or email within 48 hours to schedule your appointment.

Payment is due at time of scheduling appointments to reserve your date and time. 

30 Minute - Personal Session - $90
60 Minute - Personal Session - $180

For information on group speaking engagements, out of state sessions or workshops, please send an email to discuss scheduling and details, additional rates may apply. 

Travel to Your Location
Sessions where travel is required will be subject to additional fees to cover travel time and expense.

Cancellation Policy
Please give Matthew at least 24 hours notice If you need to reschedule.

The full fee will apply in cases where less than 24 hours notice is given or no notice is given.

What Others Say About Matthew
His Healing And Intuitive Gifts
Matthew can do anything!

Aria Norman
Chicago's Most Famous Psychic

“I have worked with Matthew for a year.  His gentle song, clear insight, and authentic mastery of Peruvian shamanism is a rare gift. I have been able to clear and understand old patterns that limited my inner joy and self-confidence.  Our work together has offered a great deal to my soul's journey.”

Charna Rosenholtz, MA
Rabbinic Student
Colorado USA

"When Matthew touched my head last night, my whole body vibrated and heated like I've never experienced in all my years of energy work. I woke this morning feeling a little more whole, as though my pieces had come back together." 
Holistic Counselor
Sunshine Coast Australia

“My personal experience with Matthew was one of mystery and not knowing what to expect. I knew that something or someone was calling me to Peru, so when Matthew looked at me and told me "you need to come to Peru," I set out to unearth that which was buried deeper than I had ever buried anything. After a few guided ceremonies, with Matthew at my side the whole way through, fear surfaced with many faces and I wanted to go home.  Equipped with a passion for helping others, Matthew guided me through my ‘valley of the shadow” using a combination of healing modalities, some of which I had never experienced before. Matthew helped me to dig deeper and deeper until all of my shadows surfaced and he guided and supported me through them one at a time. While both rewarding and scary, this event changed my life and I am forever grateful to Matthew for asking me to go along to Peru.”

Medical Professional
Wisconsin USA

“The vibration of the heart-song through my body is purely hypnotic. In a state of complete bliss and peace, the feeling of weights being lifted away from by energetic body while metaphoric visions and pictures send messages to my subconscious mind.”

Intuitive, Healer & Reiki Teacher
Brisbane, Australia

“I had a reading and healing with you about two weeks ago at the Mind Body Expo on a Sunday.  I wanted to let you know that it was truly a pleasure meeting you and having had a reading and healing from you.  That evening when I got home I felt soooo amazing, so full of joy.  I suppose I could call it that.  Just an overall feeling of enthusiasm.  I am still feeling that way to this day!

Chicago USA

Wow! Matthew's healing is like Reiki on Crack!

​Boston USA